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In the age of new media, it’s becoming harder to get people’s attention. There’s a growing number of competing voices, channels and notifications. To break through the noise you need to tell a truly compelling story in a way that appeals to the people you’re trying to reach.

everafter can help you compose an attention-grabbing story, coach you to tell it well in presentations and media interviews and create engaging content that supports it.

Using skills honed in the world of broadcast journalism, we know what it takes to make audiences stop and listen.

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When your mind is full of the detail of your work, it can be tough to step back and see the bigger picture. It takes someone else’s eyes and ears to tell you which parts are interesting to people outside of your world and which details don’t matter as much as you think.

everafter uses an enlightened formula to structure your story in the most compelling way. Our consultants have worked with leading brands and agencies to help audiences identify with what they have to say and highlight the details that will have lasting impact.

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  • Composing your story
  • Personalising your corporate story
  • Stress-testing your story


Being a good communicator is one of the most important skills in business but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Whether it’s answering tricky questions or delivering a presentation before an audience, the best performers make it look effortless but don’t be mistaken; the best performances have been well practiced.

everafter coaches are experienced broadcast journalists. We are experts who have been asking the difficult questions and telling stories to diverse audiences for many years. Our techniques will help you tell your story in an engaging way and deal with difficult questions in media interviews and other important conversations.

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  • Media coaching
  • Important conversation coaching
  • Crisis communications coaching
  • Presentation coaching
  • Event moderator and panellist coaching


Give your story even more lasting impact by creating content that audiences can watch over and again. Ensure you strike the right tone and make a deeper connection with viewers by telling your story in a beautifully produced video or presentation.

everafter consultants have worked with some of the leading broadcasters in the world, creating attention-grabbing video and clear, concise and stylish graphical presentations. We have a keen eye for what it will take to make your story sing.

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  • Fast turnaround ‘Talking Heads’ videos for: Social media, Testimonials, Results presentations, Internal communications, Crisis communications
  • Editorial style long and short films
  • Promotional videos
  • Training videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Consultancy and design for internal or external presentations

About Us

Tadhg Enright

Tadhg Enright

Tadhg Enright is the lead coach at everafter, using skills developed over more than 15 years in broadcast journalism to help companies and their leaders prepare for interviews and make a memorable impact. He joined Sky News at the height of the financial crisis as part of its business team and later went on to become a presenter of its hourly business updates. Tadhg has also worked at CNN, RTÉ News and Reuters. He and the everafter team of coaches understand the type of language, phrases and arguments that will be most helpful to journalists and persuasive to audiences. Tadhg has coached clients from a diverse range of high-profile companies with some of the most challenging issues of our time. He’s helped leaders from the world’s most used social media platforms as well as food and drinks brands make their best case in media interviews.

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everafter can help tell your story with lasting impact.

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