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Picture this: You’re at your friend’s party with some of their wider circle. There’s that guy or girl you had a great chat with at last year’s shindig. You smile broadly, eyes open wide and go to say hello but their face is blank. They don’t remember you as well as you remember them. You didn’t make an impression.

Socially, it’s embarrassing. But commercially, it could cost you opportunity. You’re one of a sea of people talking to your target audience every day. You have a story that you want them not just to hear, but to absorb, to accept, to “buy” and crucially: to influence their thinking.

There’s a lot of competition. The media, especially social platforms, bombard us with stories every day. A series of men and women in suits speaking from their list of prepared messages will quickly fade into your audience’s memories. To have a lasting impact, you and your story have got to stand out from the crowd. You need to be a flamingo, not a chameleon.

At everafter, our methodology is simple but for many speakers it’s easier said than done: You’ve got to make yourself memorable. Show that you’re a “real person”, not just a corporate spokesperson. Create a good impression of yourself and the audience is more likely to listen to what you have to say. And long after they have forgotten your story, they will remember the positive impression you made.

Our media training and presentation training sessions are packed with ways to achieve this. They’re delivered by working broadcast journalists who understand what it takes to make audiences stop and listen, ensuring you and your story have a lasting impact.